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Incremental encoder for low speed tasks

Incremental encoder for low speed tasks

In the drive to achieve and maintain the competitive edge OEMs and machine builders will appreciate the innovative, low-cost and user-friendly motion control solutions being developed by transmission and control specialist Rotalink. A good example of this is its incremental dual channel encoder which is available across their range of modular brushed DC motors and gearboxes and is proving to be successful in numerous positioning applications. 

The addition of the incremental encoder, usually sandwiched between the motor and gearbox, provides the ability to position components with an accuracy limited only by the 2º backlash of the gearbox. The original purpose of the encoder was specifically to offer closed loop control and provide users with the benefit of feedback from the gear motor, where normally this would be impractical due to cost. Whilst the addition of an incremental encoder is unable to match the precision of a micro-stepping stepper motor, it is proving to be highly effective in a wide range of low-speed applications. These are typically those requiring speeds below 100rpm, where a brushed DC motor and gearbox achieve more torque than a stepper motor of the same size.

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