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Innovative terminal blocks

Innovative terminal blocks As machines become more complex and systems grow more sophisticated, so the wiring of control cabinets, panels and remote I/O is becoming a significant element of the overall time and cost of the project. DIN rail mounted terminal blocks enable simple and reliable cabling of signal and power cables to and from the likes of sensors, actuators, instrumentation, control devices and other I/O. Terminal blocks can provide a space-saving solution that offers reduced installation time and increased safety.

At the same time, terminal blocks can also aid scalability, making it easy to scale up control systems and panels as machines or installations evolve over time, or to accommodate the building of machines on a common platform but with different levels of sophistication according to application requirements.

Issues to be considered when specifying and using terminal blocks include connection strategy, international standards, environmental compatibility and depth of product range, as well as the more obvious factors such as current and voltage ratings, and power range. The four most common connection strategies are screw connection, push-in connection (pressure spring), spring-clamp connection (tension spring) and stud connection. In many applications, it may well be that a mix of different connection strategies is the most appropriate, in which case it is advantageous to find a coherent range of terminal blocks that covers all of the options. It will also be of help if this same portfolio covers the widest range of international standards and approvals.

Environmental compatibility may also be an issue, perhaps where products have to work in potentially explosive atmospheres (where explosive gases may be present or in dust-laden environments), or in potentially corrosive marine environments, or where there are high levels of vibration. Depth of the product range can also be an important consideration: significant installation benefits can be realised when a single range of products covers everything from feed-through terminals and disconnect terminals through to motor connection terminals to fuse terminals.

Introducing the CONTA-CLIP SRK range
The CONTA-CLIP SRK from OEM Automatic is a complete range of high quality screw terminal blocks that allow fast, safe, secure and reliable connection, with innovative features designed to increase connection strength, speed up assembly times and reduce stock-holding requirements. The SRK range is characterised by a compact housing shape, exceptional stability, good resistance to vibration and improved wire grip at the terminal point.

The SRK line of screw terminal blocks provides a wire connection range from 2.5mm2 to 120mm2, with voltage ratings right up to 1000V. The easy to operate screw connection makes it easy and safe to connect both solid and flexible wires with or without ferrules. Secure connection is assured by a strain-relief rising clamp concept which gives high contact force and contact security with minimal contact resistance.

The range includes protective earth terminals that have rail connections on both sides of the foot, and simply snap onto the DIN-rail with no need for screws, saving time and effort. In addition, significant wiring time savings can be achieved through the use of pluggable cross connectors for 2.5mm2 to 35mm2 available in 2-pole to 10-pole and 30-pole versions and suited to a variety of cross-section ranges.

The insulated cross connectors are pluggable and simply pushed in to place in one of two channels in the top of each terminal. Poles are easy to break out for alternating or skipping over cross sections, and simple plug on caps makes it possible to electrically isolate neighbouring cross connectors.  These features dramatically speed up assembly time but still ensure maximum mechanical and electrical security. Further, the cross connectors are designed for rated voltage and increased rated current in the terminals. Aiding panel aesthetics, the 2.5, 4, 6 and 10mm2 sizes all have the same external dimensions, and are narrower on the rail than many competing designs. The use of high-grade plastics gives increased housing insulation and increased stability, so the terminal block will never twist off the DIN rail as the screws are tightened - a very real problem with some other designs. This ability to fully tighten the screws without problems makes the terminal blocks a good option even in high vibration applications.

Because most applications demand clearly marked terminals, a four-way labelling channel in conjunction with a wide range of markers allows a variety of possibilities. Pre-marked labels are available with standard letters and digits or custom labels can be supplied pre-marked by OEM to specific requirements.

The SRK range includes feed-through terminals, double-level terminals (SRKD) and fuse-disconnect terminals. The snap-in pick-off terminals provide the basic SRK terminal blocks with one or two additional wire connections, while the test adapter enables users to quickly and safely test pre-wired terminal strips. Both SRK and SRKD terminals can be used with the plug-in cross connectors. CONTA-CLIP has also launched SSIK fuse terminals compatible with the plug-in cross connect system used in the SRK series, negating the need for external links for distribution of potentials to adjacent fuse and feed-through terminals. SSIK fuse terminals are available in 4mm and 6mm versions, and have the option of a plug-in LED module.

OEM Automatic also offers the full CONTA-CLIP range of push-in connect, spring clamp connect and stud connect terminals, as well as a conventional screw terminal range (RK) series. Together these ranges cover feed-through terminals, double-level terminals, fuse-disconnect terminals, motor-connection terminals, initiator terminals, disconnect terminals, test-disconnect terminals, pick-off terminals, three-wire installation terminals, test adapters and feed-through terminals for direct no-rail mounting.

OEM Automatic UK has over 25 years experience in supplying leading products to industry, with a product range that is one of the widest and deepest on the market. The company operates in four key business areas: panel products; machine/safety; pressure/flow products; and motors.

OEM Automatic can also help to select the best products for each application, and reduce the number of suppliers, so lowering the total cost of purchasing. Through its market presence, customer focus and high level of service, OEM Automatic adds real value to the supply chain.
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