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Integrated ventilation for compact desktop case

Integrated ventilation for compact desktop case

The new ratiopacPRO-air compact case from Schroff has been designed to provide a robust, EMC-shielded enclosure that is particularly well suited to applications in the instrumentation sector. Featuring ventilation slots on either side of the card cage, the case ensures optimum airflow over plug-in units to aid the thermal management of high-density electronics.


Supplied fully assembled, this sturdy metal case measures 7U in width and is available with usable heights of 4, 8, 12 or 16HP and depths or either 255.5 or 315.5mm.


Because of the symmetrical design of the case, plug-in units can be inserted from the front or the rear, with the covers still in place. There are no visible screws, and if the covers do need to be removed, this can be accomplished without any tools. As well as complying with the 19in standard, IEC 60297-3-101, ratiopacPRO-air also meets the requirements of the US standard.


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