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Keep cooling simple with Rittal fan and filter units

Keep cooling simple with Rittal fan and filter units
Fan and filter units from Rittal, with airflows from 20m3/h to 700m3/h and IP ratings up to IP56, are ideal for dissipating heat loads cost effectively for many applications in all industries. The prerequisite is that the ambient air must be relatively clean with a temperature below the desired enclosure internal temperature.

Typical of the Rittal fan and filter unit design is the extremely low build height. The super slim-line vent grille guarantees optimum air throughput with low noise generation. Combined with the state of the art technical features expected from Rittal products, these units meet all application requirements.

Particularly for applications in the food industry, the hose-proof hood prevents the ingress of water. The protection category of IP56 is achieved in conjunction with filter mats.

At lower ambient temperatures the air throughput may be reduced. By adapting the fan and filter speed to match the temperature using a controller, noise generation is therefore also reduced.

All Rittal fan and filter units and outlet filters are also available with EMC shielding. The required conductive connection is achieved via a metallic coating on the fan and filter housing and a special sealing frame.
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