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Kistler introduces KiSuite analysis software for NVH

Kistler introduces KiSuite analysis software for NVH

KiSUITE is the software platform designed to complement the Kistler KiNOVA data acquisition system by providing comprehensive data analysis capability. A group of four packages share the ease of use and flexibility characteristics that make NVH analysis simple, straight forward and insightful.

KiSUITE - Analysis - A flexible and powerful platform for NVH data analysis

Hundreds of different operations can be simply cascaded inside fully customizable workflows virtually reaching any level of thinkable complexity by a easy to use drag-and-drop technique. A broad choice of visualization possibilities complements the software to capture the insightful details of the analysis. Where the application requires even further customization, a built-in scripting language allows dedicated workflow functions to be further automated and customized.

KiSUITE HITS – An application-oriented software for hammer impact testing.

Designed using background automatic signal processing to simplify the measurement process to ensure the most reliable results. The user is guided through the whole measurement process whilst retaining user full control over the all testing aspects.

KiSUITE NVH – Powertrain NVH analysis

Easy-to-use software answers the key needs of powertrain NVH engineering. Starting from the engine noise and vibration signals, this application includes a broad range of functions to measure, analyse and process data for better and more efficient decision making.

Signal analysis functions allow engine data to be pre-analysed and filtered in the frequency domain. The software performs waterfall diagrams, by associating dynamic signals to encoder information and when no tacho signal is available, it is possible to estimate engine rotational speed and enable displaying the waterfall within the software.

KiSUITE SCA – source contribution analysis

Understanding and separating the noise contributions to the passenger’s perceived NVH is one of the most crucial and challenging tasks. Some approaches address this problem, but eventually the amount of necessary data is very large and creating a very resource intensive process. Source Contribution Analysis quantifies the contribution of multiple sources to the overall NVH, by limiting the measurement to the sources and the receiver.

Specifically designed to perform Source Contribution Analysis the application makes the source identification process simple and straight forward with minimal measurement information. Given the measured response (pressure or vibration) and the measured sources, KiSUITE SCA allows identifying and isolating which sources contribute most to the response enabling faster NVH troubleshooting, development and refinement, without the need for multiple intermediate frequency response function measurements.

Extracting insightful engineering conclusions is the main aim of any NVH investigation and KiSuite provides all the data analysis needed to complement the data acquisition capability of the Kistler KiNOVA system.


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