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Laser Processing of High-Density Structures over Large Areas

Laser Processing of High-Density Structures over Large Areas

PI offers an advanced capability that allows processing of surfaces by extending the field of view of a galvanometer scanner while maintaining resolution and spot size. The video shows a solution that combines PI’s high-precision motion systems, ACS’s high-performance motion controller and drives, and SCANLAB’s leading scanner technology. The solution provides simultaneous and coordinated control of the workpiece motion system, the scanner and the laser modulation.

The control software automatically splits the desired pattern trajectory into a path for the scanner, a path for the XY stages and the control for the laser spot. All are perfectly synchronized. The scanner receives high-frequency motion signals for short distances. The positioning stages with long travel ranges get low frequencies and enlarge the working area. Both motions are performed simultaneously. This method significantly improves throughput and precision in applications such glass and film processing, PCB drilling and large-scale laser marking. The shortened process times lead to higher productivity and lower production costs.


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