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Laser sensor helps Jaguar Cars to guarantee pedestrian safety

Laser sensor helps Jaguar Cars to guarantee pedestrian safety Jaguar Cars has a 'Pedestrian Test Facility' at its Engineering Centre in Coventry. As part of the testing legislation there, bio-mechanic models are propelled towards a static test car at pre-defined speeds to replicate real-world impact conditions. Miles Dadson, project engineer at Jaguar Cars in Coventry explains: "The impact speed must be within a very tight tolerance band. If the tolerances are not achieved, the implications on vehicle design can be enormous." In an effort to increase the impact speed measurement accuracy, Jaguar Cars looked at improved methods of measurement, with preference being given to a non-contact measurement principle. A suitable device was identified, namely a Micro-Epsilon displacement sensor, which uses a laser-optical sensor that operates using the triangulation measurement principle to determine displacement, with post-test differentiation analysis to determine speed.

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