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LED UV curing system is an ecological option

LED UV curing system is an ecological option
The Aicure UK30/35 is an LED technology based curing system that quickly hardens UV-sensitive resin such as adhesives, ink, and coatings. It is especially suited for precise and high-intensity curing of punctiform or small areas. The system consists of the impressively compact UJ30/35 controller, which can be equipped with up to 4 independently controlled LED heads. An assortment of LED-head lenses allow you to adapt the curing spot size to the requirements of your individual application.

While the UJ30 meets all standard applications, the UJ35 supports a UV sensor to calibrate the controller. Also it is possible to program irradiation patterns for a high quality curing. Besides its high curing power, UJ30/35 offers several additional advantages resulting from our extensive curing experience and from the applied LED technology. Last but not least, because it uses far less energy than conventional lamp systems, UJ30/35 is ecological.

Each UJ30/35 LED head is equipped with a high-power UV LED (up to 8,000mW/cm2 per head). LED technology means the heads enjoy a lifetime of 20,000 hours on average. Moreover, the LEDs neither require a warm-up nor cooling-off period, nor will frequently switching them on and off shorten their lifetime. The four LED heads can be controlled either together or independently via four channels. Up to 15 different curing programs can be stored for each channel, each consisting of 10 individual intensity steps. A 16th program, "easy mode", keeps the intensity stable for the selected emission time.
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