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Leddar Sensor Evaluation Kit awarded at Sensors Expo 2013

LeddarTech, creator of the unique and patented Leddar LED Detection and Ranging Technology, won big at this year's Sensors Expo 2013. Held in Rosemont, IL, USA, on June 5 and 6, the expo presented LeddarTech with its "Best of Sensors Expo 2013 Innovation Award" for its new Leddar Sensor Evaluation Kit, which was launched on-site during the show.

LeddarTech was honored with this important innovation award recognizing advances in sensor and sensor-related technologies, either in the form of novel technologies or significant improvements to existing ones. Selected among other nominated products, the Leddar Sensor Evaluation Kit complied with the main criteria:
  • Uniqueness, compared to existing products
  • Potentially disruptive innovation
  • Response to real market needs

"LeddarTech created a huge amount of interest with the launch of this new technology. Developers, integrators and engineers showed tremendous enthusiasm for our new technology, as it can potentially meet their detection needs in an entirely different way. By offering them a Leddar Sensor Evaluation Kit at the fraction of the cost of other detection technologies, we're allowing end users to truly see how they can use our sensor in their daily applications and experience the benefits of Leddar technology hands-on", stated Sonia Bélanger, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at LeddarTech.

At the heart of the Leddar Sensor Evaluation Kit, lies the unique Leddar technology, a novel detection and ranging technology that performs time-of-flight measurement using pulses from visible or infrared LEDs. Combining multiple independent active elements, typically 16, into a single sensor, Leddar continuously provides rapid and accurate detection and ranging in the entire beam, without any moving parts. The large beam and diffused light pulses of the Leddar sensor, processed through innovative algorithms, allow for the detection of a wide range of objects under various environmental conditions. Serving multiple markets, this technology is optimized for 0 to 50 meter detection and ranging applications.

Leddar technology is designed to be easily and rapidly integrated into various applications by developers and integrators. Depending on the final application, it can be available as a reference design, as assembled components, as OEM modules or even finished sensor products.

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