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Linear actuators with embedded force sensors

Linear actuators with embedded force sensors
Exlar linear actuators, available in the UK from Olsen Engineering, are now available with integral force sensing capability, simplifying system design and reducing installation time. This option is available in the GSX30, 40, 50 and 60 models and the I30 and 40 models. In both product lines a load cell is embedded within the actuator allowing it to directly mea-sure the force being applied by the actuator's output rod. 

The strain gauge load sensor used to measure applied force is mounted inside the actuator's case, protecting it from external damage and guaran-teeing accurate and consistent force data. This embedded force measuring option eliminates much of the effort and the risk associated with measuring the applied force produced by the actuator. This system will deliver specified performance and allow you to meet target dates as all design work is field-proven and factory-tested by Exlar. Flexing cables are not necessary. The actuator body typically does not move as it applies force. The force signal cable can be run alongside the actuator's central and power cables. And, the force sensor carries the same IP rating of the actuator since it is located inside the actuator's case. 

Typically the load cell's rating is matched to full load capacity of the actuator. Over-load capacity of a minimum of 2x rating is provided to reduce the possibility of inadvertent load damage due on occasions when higher than planned high peak forces are applied. The standard configurations offer measurement of compressive loads. Optional configurations are available to offer bi-directional measurement of force. 

Exlar's force measuring actuator assemblies are factory calibrated and certified providing you the information needed to quickly and simply set up your measuring system. A separate connector is supplied for connecting the internal load cell to an external strain conditioner/amplifier required to excite the strain gauge sensor. Load cell amplifiers commonly used with load cells contain power, excitation, and signal conditioning. These modules will amplify the output signal from millivolts to useable levels of 0-10V or 

4-20mA. These devices are available as standalone devices made for mounting in an electrical panel, incorporated into panel meters with digital displays, or integral to a PLC or other control device. 

Exlar can of course provide a complete package with an associated strain gauge amplifier that offers a convenient method for accurately and reliably measuring the resistance change per cycle of the strain gauge load cell embedded in either a GSX or I Series actuator. These amplifiers can be DIN rail or panel mountable, with or without displays.
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