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Lockheed Martin tests tank turrets with motion platform

Lockheed Martin tests tank turrets with motion platform

A simulation platform is helping Lockheed Martin to speed up turret development process, with 100% motion repeatability, accurate playback of the target file, and the ability to develop and test in a laboratory instead of on a remote test track.

Lockheed Martin is undergoing a programme of testing of turrets for stabilisation and performance on the improved Warrior, as part of the Warrior Capability Sustainment Program and Scout Infantry Fighting Vehicles. The product developments include fitting and integrating the 40mm cased telescoped gun in a new modernised turret. This requires optimisation of gun aiming and stability performance during manoeuvres for representing a typical battlefield mission.

In the past this type of testing was undertaken on an external remote test track or proving ground where engineers would adjust the gun aiming and stability settings under less than perfect conditions. Under real test track circumstances, engineers found it difficult to consistently replicate dynamic motion inputs and their work was further limited by weather conditions and the ever-changing terrain.

In order to find a solution to improve this way of testing Lockheed Martin turned to Moog, an expert in test, simulation and motion control. The turret test system  Moog delivered included a six degrees-of-freedom (DOF) motion base, control cabinet and the replication module of the Moog integrated test suites software.

The Moog motion base system delivers the desired dynamic performance with payloads up to 8,000kg. On the top platform of the motion base, Lockheed Martin can install an actual turret or a remote weapon station. Moog turret test systems can handle payloads up to 24,000kg and meet specific requirements related to particular excursions, velocities or accelerations.

The Moog replication software accurately reproduces time history files that were recorded by means of a vehicle with full instrumentation on a traditional test track. This simulation occurs fully in a laboratory, saving time, optimising the testing process and improving the reliability of test results. The iteration process in the Moog software quickly derives a set of command files that faithfully replicate the desired field responses.

The Moog Test System provides 24/7 testing in a controlled in-house environment, enabling the engineers to tweak and perfect the optimum vehicle set-up for combat readiness, saving the costs of putting a real fully operational vehicle on a test track and working in a totally confidential environment.
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