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Mis-step and hunting eliminated

Mis-step and hunting eliminated New from Oriental Motor is a family of motorised linear slides embodying a range of innovative features that enhance positional accuracy and over-all performance. Designed for highly accurate positioning applications, the EZ Limo, which is part of the Company's EZSII Series, employs a precision-made, highly compact body containing a rolled-ball screw drive and guide frame. This provides a maximum speed and stroke of 800mm/sec and 850mm, respectively, and a maximum transportable weight of 60kg horizontal, 30kg vertical. Mis-step and hunting are eliminated by the EZ Limo's 24V DC, low-vibration closed-loop stepping motor, which affords a repetitive positional accuracy of within 0.02mm. Motor programming is effected via optional editing software or a teaching pendant, and the EZ Limo is used in conjunction with a user-friendly controller capable of setting all functions required in precision positioning. Also available within the EZ Limo Series are versions having stroke lengths between 50mm and 850mm.

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