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Modulators and matching RF amplifiers for CVQKD

Modulators and matching RF amplifiers for CVQKD

Laser Components supplies iXblue’s intensity and phase modulators and RF drivers which rely heavily on private telecommunications such as Quantum Key Distribution (QKD).

In practice, QKD is achieved with optical telecommunication links, either via optical fibres or the propagation of light in a vacuum (or the atmosphere) for satellite links where our modulators are used. The information is encoded in both the amplitude and the phase of laser pulses using iXblue solutions: two amplitude modulations AM1 and AM2 are cascaded with a phase modulation PM1.

AM1 generates short optical pulses thanks to an AWG. Very short optical pulses from 70ps can be achieved at 850nm, 1310nm and 1550nm respectively using the NIR-MX800, MXER1300 and MXER high contrast modulator with the DR-VE-10-MO driver. The bias controller MBC-DG-LAB stabilises these pulses for frequency repetition rates up to several GHz.

AM2 generates the random amplitude required for each pulse in CVQKD. This is achieved using the MXAN-LN (C-Band) or the MXAN1300 (O-Band) or NIR-MX800 (for 850nm) with the highly linear DR-VE-10-MO.

The phase modulator PM1 sets the phase of each pulse. The MPZ-LN-10 (selected for both wavelengths 1310nm and 1550nm) with the driver DR-AN-10-HO continuously modulates the phase over the range 0 to 2π. For 850nm, the NIR-MPX800-LN is used.


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