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Monitor cylinder displacement with increased accuracy

Monitor cylinder displacement with increased accuracy
The new Gefran RK Series position transducer uses a contactless magnetostrictive linear sensor for accurate and reliable displacement measurement in  hydraulic applications. The RK Series is designed for OEM use within the hydraulic cylinder, typically for monitoring and control in mobile applications, such as earth moving, agricultural and mining equipment. 

Suitable for cylinder stroke lengths from 50mm to 4000mm, the compact sensor has a 10mm diameter probe, with a compact, versatile head arrangement smaller than any other solution currently available on the market. External connection to the head is via an IP67 rated cable connection, up to 50m long, providing a straightforward analogue output of displacement, with an industry leading linearity and accuracy of better than 0.02 percent of Full Scale. 

The robust and durable transducer relies on the interaction between a magnet on the moving piston and the magnetostrictive transducer rod element. This enables a non-contact, solid state position measurement, that is not subject to mechanical wear, tolerates working temperatures up to 90degC, with 20g vibration and 100g shock, and is sealed against the hydraulic environment for working pressures up to 700bar.

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