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Monitor temperatures with this iPhone add-on

Monitor temperatures with this iPhone add-on UK switch distributor PVL has launched a new iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch add-on that allows the user to turn their device into a fully-functioning digital thermometer or temperature probe. The iCelsius Pro is a response to the increasing demand from industry for mobile integration and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) functionality.

The iCelsius Pro will find applications in industry and laboratories, where it will replace more expensive probes that feature similar accuracy and temperature ranges, as well as in schools, where it makes the perfect tool for use in science classes.

The user simply has to select the right hardware probe for their application, download the software from Apple's App Store and begin taking measurements. The iCelsius Pro is as accurate and durable as other, more expensive, industrial probes and can display application temperature, create graphs, set up alerts, store and email data and export it to Excel. Temperature can be expressed in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

The device is extremely intuitive to bring into play, even for users who aren't familiar with the iPhone. The first time the hardware probe is plugged in, it asks the user to download the relevant app and then, on subsequent occasions, plugging in the probe launches the software and displays the most recently taken temperature. Alerts are also simple to create and can notify the user if the temperature passes a pre-set level.
With an accuracy of +0.2ºC at 25ºC and a temperature range of

-30ºC to +150ºC, iCelsius Pro is both versatile and accurate. The relative humidity range is 5% to 95% non-condensing, allowing the user to easily measure the amount of water vapour present in a gas.

A high temperature version of the product, suitable for applications such as industrial cooking, is available with a temperature range up to +250ºC. There are a range of different probe lengths to be had and the unit is RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances), CE and MFI (Made For iPod) certified.

"Apple is doing an incredible job of redefining the mobile market," explains David Almond, PVL's head of sales and marketing. "For a long time I've been conscious that engineers are carrying a brilliant data processing instrument around in their pockets and often overlooking its value as a work related tool. I think the iCelsius Pro proves that mobile devices can be integrated into our working lives as much more than just a way of reading e-mails.

"PVL is increasingly developing a strong presence in the handheld market - something which is also demonstrated by our relationship with German measurement and control specialist Greisinger," concludes Almond.

Manufactured in the United States by Aginova, the iCelsius Pro is the first in a range of iPhone probes planned by the company. Future releases are set to be used in food inspection and oil measurement applications.
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