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Narrow beam penetrates small openings

Narrow beam penetrates small openings Baumer Electric has introduced new ultrasonic proximity sensors that generate a highly focused beam of sound that can easily access very tight spaces and openings. Just M12 in diameter, these sensors are ideal for small space applications and deliver proven results in pharmaceutical, medical, food, cosmetic, and household and personal care packaging manufacturing. Baumer focused ultrasonic sensors are available either as UNAM 12U9914/S14D analogue models with variable signals or UNAM 12P1914/S14D discrete (on/off) models. The analogue sensors offer sensing distances up to 82mm, while discrete models deliver sensing accuracy up to 70mm. The sensors feature a narrow beam angle of just 6º, while the nose cone or beam columnator narrows the focus of the 12mm sensor to an opening of just 4.9mm. Combined, these features allow accurate sensing in small spaces and eliminate interference from either side of the target. Resolution is less than 0.3 mm, excellent for detecting very small changes in level. Both models feature an external teach function that allows the user to remotely program the best scanning range for the application.

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