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New design of strain gauge boasts world’s highest strain performance

New design of strain gauge boasts world’s highest strain performance

Sensors UK is pleased to announce the introduction of the new KFGS series strain gauge from Kyowa, which is claimed to offer the world’s highest levels of performance. This KFGS replaces the established KFG strain gauge, but with improvements in gauge pattern, packaging, stability and repeatability making it a truly high performance gauge.

Long term drift has been reduced to only 28µm over 20 years, while repeat-ability and reliability have also been vastly improved. 

The KFGS series gauges us polyamide resin for the base part that is in the order of 13µm thick. This ensures excellent flexibility. The excellent moisture-proof qualities enable the KFGS gauges to operate in outdoor measurement applications effectively. Unless directly exposed to water, no coating treatment is required.

The broad product range includes uniaxial, biaxial, triaxial and quadraxial formats, with various types, lengths and codes of lead-wire cables pre-attached. All the gauges are RoHS compliant and individually packaged with enhanced product information such as transverse sensitivity for improved user experience.

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