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New Fieldbus Input/Output system from SMC

Factory automation applications using complex control systems now have the perfect serial interface solution following the launch of the new Series EX600 centralised Fieldbus system from SMC. 

Designed originally for the automotive industry, the Series EX600´s modular construction offers a high degree of flexibility including digital input, digital output and analogue input unit options. Due to this modular approach up to nine units can be connected in the same manifold and each unit can be installed with various input and output devices such as flow and pressure sensors, flow and pressure switches, valves and auto-switches. 

Further features of the EX600 Fieldbus system include a self- diagnostic capability that provides short/ open circuit detection at each input/output, an on/off counter facility and parameter setting which can all be controlled and monitored from a handheld terminal. With IP67 enclosure rating and SPEEDCON connectors both the installation and wiring time for the EX600 is reduced accordingly. 

Currently the EX600 system - which offers the perfect combination when used with SMC's SV, VQC, or S0700 solenoid valves - is compatible with Profibus-DP, DeviceNet and CC-Link protocols. However, in the very near future, further EX600 developments will see both the number of compatible protocols and available input and output options expanded even further.

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