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New generation of compact laser drivers

New generation of compact laser drivers

PicoLAS has recently introduced a new generation of compact drivers for high power laser diodes. The LDP-CW series offers continuous wave (CW) output current to analogue modulated waveforms such as sinusoidal, rectangular or triangular. The current regulation concept of the LDP-CW series produces considerably fewer losses compared to the commonly used linear regulation concept.

The LDP-CW 250-40 driver achieves 10kW in a size less than a third of a shoe box. With the F version the output can be modulated with up to 50kHz which enables to rapid adjustment of the current with rise times of less than 20µs.

Laser Components offers the complete range of PicoLAS laser drivers. PicoLAS is a specialist manufacturer of laser drive electronics founded in 2005 by Dr Markus Bartram. The company’s products are well known globally for their high performance, reliability and value.


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