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New maintenance-free rotational coupling for large processing plant

New maintenance-free rotational coupling for large processing plant

The new CENTAFLEX-BL is a high performance, low maintenance shaft-to-shaft flexible coupling designed for heavy duty operation in large industrial mills, processing plant and mining machinery. It has a highly versatile, maintenance-free and robust rubber roller bearing design, which makes it more cost-effective to install and operate than the steel gear coupling it is designed to replace. 

Ideal as a maintenance replacement product or as a component for OEMs, CENTAFLEX-BL provides consistent and shock-resistant transmission of torque with a relatively small outer diameter. Its modular design means that the rollers are quick and easy to replace, although with a minimum life expectancy of five years, maintenance of this coupling will not be high on an engineer’s list of engineering priorities.

Considering its dimensions and cost, the CENTAFLEX-BL will have a positive benefit on any heavy duty plant application where low running costs, reliability and high efficiency are mandatory. As well as overcoming drive misalignment, eliminating the vibration that causes noise and premature wear-and-tear, the CF-BL damps any impacts and sudden overloads, to protect the drive.

Currently, this coupling is available in four sizes, having a torque range of 70kNm to 176kNm. Higher torques up to 600kNm, are presently in development


The strength of the new CENTAFLEX-BL is that no lubrication or maintenance is required. This significantly saves the plant operator money over a geared coupling that needs regular lubrication. 

It is resistant to corrosive materials and its fail-safe design ensures that there are no sudden and damaging plant seizures. It is also shock-proof, which means that stress levels on plant machinery and drive components are significantly reduced. The modular rubber element allows for ease of drive disconnection and removal, without the need to dismantle machinery, which substantially reduces downtime at scheduled maintenance periods. 

A special feature of the CENTAFLEX-BL is the potential for circumferential radial assembly, and separation of the upper and lower claws make it easy to assemble and disassemble the roller parts. 

Key design considerations

The CENTAFLEX-BL is a low maintenance robust claw type roller coupling for harsh impact loaded applications in electrical and heavy industrial applications. Its simple, modular composition makes it ideal for any Shaft-to-Shaft and Flange-to-Shaft application and it can also be easily customised to meet your specific needs. 

Its lubrication-free operation means that maintenance costs are significantly reduced and a five year minimum life expectancy ensures that the financial benefits of specifying this coupling as an OEM or replacement component are maximised. 

Typical applications

The potential applications for the CF-BL coupling include, compressor drives, gen sets, crushers, conveyors, roller plants, mining, quarrying, sugar plant, cement mills, flour mills, paper mills, steel mills and many other heavy industrial applications. 

Product features

  • High quality, robust, natural rubber elements 
  • Coupling comprises cylindrical rubber roller in main load direction, plus rubber stopper for reverse operation
  • The optimised osculation of the rubber roller eliminates wear and gives optimum load bearing capacity
  • All standard connections, e.g., evolute splines, flange connections, clamping sets, keyway connections and oil press fits are available
  • Connecting bores can be configured to your specification
  • Flanges can be optimised for compatibility with all types of power units 
  • Outer bore and bolt pattern, as well as plate thickness, are variable in the Flange-to-Shaft version
  • Contour of the claw geometry is unique
  • Claws consist of an inner forged claw and a lightweight outer aluminium claw 
  • Both halves of coupling are bolted radially and frictionally engaged to the hub
  • Driven and driving halves of the coupling are identical

Unique features of Centa products

Centa manufactures and supplies a wide variety of flexible couplings, shafts and other power transmission products to suit any diesel engine-driven industrial or marine application where the elimination of misalignment, vibration, noise, or even, weight reduction, is required. 

What makes Centa unique is the ability to engineer a bespoke engine drive to your specification, as well as supplying individual replacement couplings from stock. 

Centa is also the world leader in carbon fibre driveshaft technology and has supplied numerous super-strong, ultra-lightweight shafts for long span and deep well situations. Full technical support for OEMs and end users is also readily available.

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