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Packaging machines get standard components from Elesa

Packaging machines get standard components from Elesa
Standard components are - well standard - but for packaging equipment, Elesa is pleased to offer some specialist standard components ideally suited to this particular industry. These include small box indicators to suit multi-spindle machines, precision levelling feet, universal rod mounting systems for sensors, cameras etc, flexible automation components for transfer conveyors between packaging stations and hinges of many types for guards and access panels.

Elesa pride themselves on being sensitive to customer needs, which in the case of shaft indication often includes having limited space to fit an indicator. Clustered shafts and ancillary equipment all combine on smaller and smaller machines to create a need for an even smaller indicator. Elesa's direct drive mini digital DD50 is available for exactly that situation. Wherever shaft rotation needs to be counted for pre-setting, for run duration or both, then the DD50 units are ideal.

Manufactured in ultrasound welded technopolymer for rugged use and to resist ingress of dust, the DD50's are available for above or below shaft reading with easy reading magnifying windows. These compact three digit counters have two black digit rolls and a red decimal digit roll for ergonomic reading. These direct drive mini digital position indicators are designed to take up minimum space and are suitable for passing through spindles in any position to provide direct position reading of a machine component. They are also designed for motorised shaft operation.

The Elesa MSR.60 system of profile rod clamps is ideal for positioning small assemblies, e.g. for mounting of side guards on conveyors, mounting micro switches/stops, for camera mounts and positioning of accessory equipment on powered assembly lines or large machines.

The system features a standard length multi-splined aluminium profile of 13mm dia., linked with precision thermoplastic elements, including twin bolted base unit with tilt function and the possibility to mount in any orientation. Externally splined arms are linked by matching internally splined right angle clamps and four possible types of mounting flange for installation of equipment.

MSR.60 is a system unique to Elesa, with quick and simple assembly of the standard components. Each component locks or clamps into position to prevent mis-alignment and allow accurate positioning of instruments or other devices.

The system is constructed in aluminium profile with satin anodised finish and has bases, jointing pieces and mounting flanges in black, orange, grey, yellow, blue or red to suit the environment, e.g. to match existing equipment or decorative colour scheme.

The Elesa range of standard conveyor system components is aimed at making life easy for manufacturers of conveyor systems, transfer lines and specialist machines, the Flexible Automation Components package is ideal for manufacturing, assembly and packaging applications.

The range comprises high quality feet, connectors and guide rail brackets in glass reinforced technopolymer to suit industry standard tubes of 42mm, 48mm and 60mm. Finish is black for colour matching or contrast.

Feet are 2 or 3 legged, guide rail brackets are fixed or adjustable - other components include bearing heads, joint connectors and top brackets to enable complete systems or one off assemblies to be quickly and easily constructed.

For packaging equipment and conveyor levelling Elesa's LV.A series of adjustable feet is ideal - partnered as it is with the LV.F series with floor mounting bosses. Both LV.A and LV.F levellers feature steel legs with ball/socket reinforced technopolymer feet and either plain underside or no-slip foot disk in sizes up to 125mm dia and max static load of 28000N.

The unusual CFA/F from Elesa (UK) Ltd is an external multi-leaf thermoplastic hinge with inbuilt 90deg stop. It is ideal for small equipment housings or for access doors where the opening angle must not exceed 90deg.

The 90deg door stop feature may be important in many situations to prevent a door interfering with other nearby equipment, or to prevent excessive opening in windy conditions. The system is safe and secure for operator's hands as it is a built-in function of the hinge mechanism, thus leaving the operator free to work on the machine or equipment.

Elesa CFM hinges offer a variety of fixing methods and a full 270deg opening for situations where it is useful to fold a door or access hatch fully out of the way. Small and medium sized hinging applications in many environments are simply dealt with by these glass-fibre reinforced polyamide technopolymer hinges in 40mm, 50mm and 60mm sizes.

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