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PLX rotary movement device from Laser Components

PLX rotary movement device from Laser Components

Laser Components now offers the Lateral Transfer Hollow Periscope (LTHP) and the Lateral Transfer Hollow Retroreflector (LTHR) from partner PLX. The LTHP is used to shift a beam laterally by any distance while maintaining beam direction to an accuracy of one arc second, while the LTHR is used for folding a beam 180° and displacing it by a given distance.

For applications where a beam must be aligned with two or more optical axes, a multiple configuration of LTHRs and LTHPs is required. This setup can be achieved with the Rotary Movement Device (RMD), which is used to attach two or more instruments at their respective entrance and exit apertures. With this set up, the exiting beam position can be constantly adjusted to any given distance from the entering beam while maintaining accuracy of less than one arc second.


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