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Position sensors boost efficiency

Position sensors boost efficiency Moog is using a closed loop feedback, customised inductive displacement sensor from Micro-Epsilon to acquire data on the exact positioning of the control pistons on its hydraulic proportional valves. The focus of Micro-Epsilons sensor solution was to develop a customised coil and to manufacture the product, including the tooling, at a low cost, using its high volume manufacturing division based in the Czech Republic, Micro Sensor. In the finished design, Micro-Epsilons transSensor LVDT is mounted on a pressure tube outside of the pressurised section of Moogs valves. Inside the pressure tube is a moveable core, which is permanently attached to the control piston. This core acts as a passive position transmitter and has several technical advantages. First, there is no contact and so there is no wear. Second, the sensor is not subjected to pressure and was therefore constructed from a cost-effective engineering polymer, which can withstand temperatures up to 100C.

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