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Positioning stages are compact, low cost and adaptable

Positioning stages are compact, low cost and adaptable A new compact, low-cost linear positioning stage with a manual or motorised drive, is now available for stock delivery from motion specialists LG Motion Limited. Based upon a well-proven PTFE bearing system with a simple leadscrew drive, the new medium precision XSlide has a cross section of just 31mm high by 48mm wide yet packs an impressive dynamic load rating of up to 15.9kg with eight travel lengths from 50 to 750mm. The design is essentially a smaller version of LG Motion's successful BiSlide positioner featuring a hard anodised bearing rail with an opposing 45 degree dovetail and an adjustable PTFE liner. The dual dovetail allows even load distribution with a notable impact resistance of up to four times the dynamic loading. The low coefficient of friction bearing is corrosion resistant and inherently self cleaning. Available with a hand wheel or with NEMA size 17 or 23 stepper and servo motors, the XSlide has a choice of 1mm or 2mm pitch leadscrews in either nickel plated steel or 303 stainless steel. With a repeatability of 2.5mm per 25mm, overall positioning accuracy is 76mm per 250mm as standard, with an optional 38mm per 250mm higher precision version. The straight-line accuracy for the bearing system is 25mm per 250mm.

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