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Potting compound is also great adhesive

Potting compound is also great adhesive
Master Bond EP37-3FLFAN is a thermally conductive and electrical insulative potting compound. It is an attractive choice for applications where a dielectric heat transfer adhesive is required. This two part epoxy has physical strength properties and a high degree of flexibility that holds up well to radical temperatures - up to 120°C and in cryogenic environments down to 4K.

 The adhesive exhibits an impressive thermal conductivity of 25 BTU and a volume resistivity of 1x1014 ohm-cm, a high insulative capacity for an electronic potting epoxy. This thermal potting compound is formulated to cure at room temperatures and forms tough bonds that are resistant to shock, impact, thermal cycling and chemicals. EP37-3FLFAN is an ideal potting material and encapsulation system due its low viscosity and flow characteristics. 

The uniqueness of EP37-3FLFAN lies in the fact that this thermally conductive adhesive retains a high level of flexibility while having the desirable physical characteristics inherent in epoxies.
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