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Pull latch handle secures 19in racks

Pull latch handle secures 19in racks Dirak has introduced a new pull latch handle that is unique in the marketplace, because it is so simple to install. A moderate pressing motion is all that is required to install the pull latch handle in place on a prepared panel. This pull latch handle is ideal for 19in racks in the computer and telecommunications industries. The spring loaded pawl allows for simple, push to close motion to secure the racks in place. To remove the rack, a simple tilt of the handle disengages the latching mechanism enabling the rack to be removed. In many applications the single pull latch handle not only replaces traditional finger pull handles, but also the captive screw that is required to secure the rack in place. The benefit to manufacturers is fewer parts, quicker installation and simple snap-in installation compared to the use of screws and tools. Marketed under the Snap-Line brand, Dirak's pull latch handles require no hardware for installation, thereby eliminating the risk of screws that can loosen over time and fall out onto sensitive equipment causing potentially serious damage. Snap-Line pull latch handles hold securely in place, even in severe vibration environments.

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