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Pushbutton-replacement sensor from IFM Electronic detects operators hand

Pushbutton-replacement sensor from IFM Electronic detects operators hand The new KT touch sensor can be used in applications that require a pushbutton selector such as machine start/stop, door openers and they have even been used on a jacuzzi to turn the bubbles on or off! Capacitive sensing technology enables the sensor to detect touch through a variety of non-metallic materials including plastics and glass, allowing more than simple surface mount. The sensor's one-piece housing has no moving parts that can wear out or break.

Users simply touch the exterior panel to produce a one-pulse output from the sensor. The KT sensor features a self-adjusting dynamic switching that ignores build-up including dirt, water, and ice.  The housing diameter of 100mm overall makes it easy to see by an operator, but a depth of just 11mm makes is easy to fit.

Ideal for repetitive operations, no force is needed to activate IFM's KT sensor, the presence of a finger is enough to trigger the 300msec output pulse.

Shown with a green surround, the KT can in fact be ordered without a surround at all, and surrounds in other colours (orange, red, yellow and blue) are available. Every KT sensor  features a ring of green LED's which show that it is powered, and red output LED's indicate activation.

The KT sensor is sealed to IP67 and will also withstand oils. Versions  of this three-wire can be supplied with positive or negative-switching outputs, with a  2m cable or an in-line M8 plug on a shorter lead.

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