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Retained detent pins now include loss prevention mechanism

Retained detent pins now include loss prevention mechanism

A new range of detent pins with permanently attached lanyards has been released to increase machine safety and meet EU machinery directives. WDS Components’ new retained detent pin range covers a wide range of sizes and styles, with the lanyard increasing safety and reducing the cost of replacement.

The detent pin design features a shaft with spring-loaded balls positioned at the locking end of the pin. The spring mechanism ensures precise location and retention. The new range features lanyards that safely retain the pins when they are removed from a machine. The lanyard is permanently fixed to the pin, ensuring optimum security and safety.

This makes the detent pins compliant with EU machinery directive 2006/42/EC. The directive requires fixing systems, such as detent pins, to remain attached to machinery guards or to the machinery itself at all times. While adherence to EU directives is a key requirement for large OEMs in industries such as aviation and construction, the lanyards also provide vital practical retention to increase operational safety, as well as reducing the cost and time of loss and replacement.

The lanyard attachment is integrated and neatly attaches below the head or handle of the pin. At the opposing end of the lanyard cable is a stainless steel tab that is bolted to the required fixing location using a supplied fixing nut. The lanyard cable is also made from stainless steel and is available in three sizes including 100, 200 and 300 mm. The wire is encased in a clear nylon sheath that protects adjoining components from scuffing or abrasion.

The new loss-prevention detent pin range covers the same sizes and specifications of WDS’ existing, standard detent pins. This includes diameters from 5mm up to 10mm with lengths between 15 and 100mm. The range also covers inch-sizes for the American market.

The detent pin range includes a variety of styles with handle designs including T shape, mushroom and ball knobs. These are available in black, red, polished and matt. The pins are constructed from a choice of premium stainless steel as well a durable and cost-effective zinc-plated steel option.


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