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Rittal brings innovative Blue e+ cooling system to the UK

Rittal brings innovative Blue e+ cooling system to the UK

Rittal's says its Blue e+ cooling system is a major advance for the cabinet climate control sector and is a leap forward in terms of efficiency and cost effective operation.

Blue e+ is highly energy efficient and key to this is Rittal's patented hybrid system, which uses a novel combination of conventional compressor cooling and heat pipe technology to take maximum advantage of passive cooling. The compressor only operates when passive cooling becomes insufficient to meet demand.

Blue e+ units are six times more efficient than a conventional cooling unit at a part-load of 15 percent in heat-pipe mode. At a part-load of 65 percent, in hybrid mode, with both the compressor cooling device and heat pipe in operation, Blue e+ is four times more efficient than a conventional unit.

The energy efficiency of the compressor cooling unit itself is also very high. DC motors power both the fans and the compressor, while inverter technology adjusts the compressor and fan speeds so the cooling output matches instantaneous demand.

According to Rittal, initial tests have shown that, thanks to their high energy efficiency, Blue e+ units deliver energy savings of up to 75 percent.

All Blue e+ units have multi-voltage capability and so are suitable for all standard power networks worldwide.  Input voltages range from 110V (single phase) to 480V (three-phase) at grid frequencies of 50 or 60 Hz.

Demand based cooling eliminates both thermal stress and any temperature fluctuations within the enclosure. This, in turn, increases the service life of the cooling units and enclosure components and also means higher process reliability.

The Blue e+ range has cooling capacities that extend to up to 6,000W (the maximum available from the existing Blue e unit is 4,000W) and it can be used at ambient temperatures ranging from -30°C to +60°C.

Standardised communication interfaces ensure easy integration into a production plant's control systems. The 4.3in TFT touchscreen display presents users with key information at-a-glance, while system messages are plain text and multi-lingual. Moreover, a variety of protocols permit real time data transfer via the Ethernet interface.

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