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PPMA Show 2021

NEC, Birmingham(B40 1NT)

28/09/2021 - 30/09/2021

PPMA Show 2021 will be the UK’s largest ever event dedicated to state-of-the-art processing and (more)

Southern Manufacturing

Farnborough, Hants(GU14 6TQ)

06/10/2021 - 07/10/2021

Southern Manufacturing and Electronics is the most comprehensive annual industrial exhibition in the (more)

Advanced Engineering 2021

NEC Birmingham(B40 1NT)

03/11/2021 - 04/11/2021

Join us in our 12th and most important edition to date, as we invite engineers and management from all (more)

Rittal supplies optimum solution through consistency

Rittal supplies optimum solution through consistency Verifiable increases in energy conservation and cost efficiency in enclosure design have been realised with user optimised mounting layouts, perfect dimensioning and efficient engineering. The comprehensive optimisation of these factors can materialise sustainable reductions in operating costs. Rittal and EPLAN are working hand-in-hand to reach this mutual goal: system solutions and engineering complement each other, resulting in highest efficiency.

Based on the motto of "Rittal - The System: Faster - better - worldwide", Rittal has a unique modular infrastructure system that allows a wide range of solutions to be developed for primary energy distribution, industrial automation, building installation, network technology and data centres, all in line with a wide range of different industry requirements. An intelligent combination of products in the mechanics, air-conditioning and power sectors with the relevant engineering tools and global services gives customers complete solutions from a single source.

An integrated concept for modern data centres, "Rittal - The System" offers support for the active and passive side of a data centre with five perfectly matched modules: Rack, Power, Cooling, Security and Monitoring and Remote Management. "Rittal - The System" provides the key elements to support the necessary environment that will maintain operation of the system, whether for server room or data centre, high or highest availability, the separate modules can be adapted to individual changes in demand.

The system architecture is based on Rittal's TS 8 control cabinet and IT rack system platform which offers maximum rack volumes, scalable baying options, optimum surface protection, extreme stability and endless expansion possibilities. Users from industry and the IT sector can utilise a consistent system platform and modular accessories to capitalise on all the benefits of the platform system. Rittal's product range also includes solutions for power distribution, air-conditioning, IT infrastructures and software and services. An additional benefit of "Rittal - The System" is that not only it is supported worldwide, but by utilising the internet, products can now be configured online. No matter what time it is, or how complex the configuration, there is always the ability to obtain a rapid quotation. With an off-the-shelf range of over 8,000 standard products, Rittal is one of the world's leading system suppliers for housing and enclosure technologies as well as a solutions partner to all segments of the market.

Huge potential for savings
Efficient engineering offers huge potential for savings as well as ensuring optimum interaction between all components. For example, Rittal's RiCAD-3D software version 3 supports the creation of models to provide a complete 3D picture of Rittal products with the visualisation, layout and spacing of single components. The RiCAD 3D database includes both 2D and 3D drawings for virtually all Rittal products, together with an extensive range of system accessories. Many projects require a 3D internal and external view of objects such as wall and freestanding enclosure systems. 3D views of the accessories within an enclosure allow positioning and spacing of rail or mounted equipment, cable trunking runs and the cable entry space required.

RiCAD 3D benefits include: precisely detailed CAD product data; exported in all standard CAD formats (DWG, ProE 2001, ProE Wildfire, Solidworks and STEP.formats); simple integration into the most varied CAD systems; considerable reduction of engineering and design work; detailed error-free Rittal data; generic original data in 3D and 2D format and no conversion of neutral formats. Regardless of which CAD system used, RiCAD 3D effectively supports the efficiency and productivity of plant design work.

Rittal's latest Power Engineering planning software v6.0 provides comprehensive support in planning and verifying standardised Ri4Power switchgear, as required by the new IEC 61439-1/-2 standard for low voltage switchgear. Main features of the new standard include extensive verification of the design of switchgear created by original switchgear manufacturers, as well as exact details of the rated currents of switching devices. The new standard offers major benefits, both for the manufacturers of switchgear, as well as for customers and users. With the extension of design certifications, features are defined that increase the quality of low-voltage switchgear. Their interfaces to external peripherals are specified and defined in more detail. Design of low-voltage switchgear becomes easier and safer because the influence of the enclosure and protection category on the switching equipment is given greater consideration than before.

Using Rittal Power Engineering a suitable switching device can be selected as early as the low-voltage switchgear preparation stage that bears the current needed by the circuit. The protection category and the mounting location within the unit are also taken into account. Similarly, the software provides the appropriate design verification at the push of a button. The engineering tool offers check-lists with which the switchgear manufacturer can check all the requirements that have to be considered during the planning and performance of the switchgear. Rittal Power Engineering supports users with both the Ri4Power modular system for low voltage switchgear, as well as with the low-voltage switchgear that consists of the TS 8 enclosure system and the RiLine60 modular busbar system.

Rittal Therm, the software calculation programme for the climate control of enclosures, eliminates laborious calculation of climate control requirements. An easy to use interface leads the user to the appropriate and correctly dimensioned cooling solution. This allows ultimate design for the most efficient system cooling solutions available to the market today.

A direct link to Rittal Therm software has been added to EPLAN Platform 2.1 to facilitate even more efficient planning options, together with high-quality heating, cooling and air conditioning component product data by Rittal. This allows users to calculate the total heat dissipation of all built-in components with the EPLAN Platform. The user can access the web based Rittal Therm configuration solution via EPLAN Data Portal for a system supported calculation of the total climate control requirements based on the derived total heat dissipation and the standard IEC/TR8 60890 AMD 1 and DIN 3168 specifications for enclosure cooling units. This will ensure an energy efficient design and prevent unnecessary energy costs. For instance, over-dimensioning an air-conditioner by just 1 kW can create additional energy costs of about £900 over a three-year period.

Using Rittal and EPLAN together demonstrate how new products can be developed more efficiently along the entire productivity chain. Rittal provides the perfect system solution for control cabinets, whilst EPLAN has the engineering processes under control.
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