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Rittal's new Cool Efficiency Premium series

Rittal's new Cool Efficiency Premium series Rittal have extended their range of Cool Efficiency cooling units with the introduction of the new Premium Series. Using a powerful comfort controller system that consumes 40 to 50% less energy than the standard Rittal cooling units, the Premium Series is in addition to Rittal's standard TopTherm units. Cooling outputs of 1kW and 2kW are available now with the complete series up to 40kW, being completed in the spring.

Dimensions and external appearance of the new Cool Efficiency cooling units are the same as those of the proven TopTherm, which will still remain an essential part of the product range. The higher refrigeration factor, which is due to the energy savings of up to 50%, is the result of intensive research work.

Developments in energy and performance-optimised refrigeration compressors are largely responsible for the far higher energy efficiency. These are specifically set to the application's desired operating point. EC (Electronic Commutation) technology is used in the fan motors. The motors, designed as external rotor motors replace the traditional mechanical pole reversal by electronic commutation, which functions without wear, sparks or interference.

Performance is further improved by analysing and adjusting the condensers, evaporators, cooling fins, pipe bends and all other cooling components as well as the control electronics, which are ideally provided by the new Eco-Mode controls. The nano-coated condensers also guarantee very low maintenance costs.

Rittal's economical Cool Efficiency cooling units can be supplied as wall-mounted and roof-mounted cooling units. Orders with basic controllers continue to be delivered as the tried and tested TopTherm units.

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