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Robust, high resolution magnetic rotary encoder technology now available from Variohm EuroSensor

Robust, high resolution magnetic rotary encoder technology now available from Variohm EuroSensor

Following its recent acquisition by the Variohm Group, Phoenix America’s range of magnetic encoders and sensor components are now fully available from sensor and measurement specialist Variohm EuroSensor. With UK- and German-based sales teams and distribution partners throughout Europe and in many global industrial countries, Variohm EuroSensor will provide complete technical sales and application support for Phoenix America’s comprehensive product range.

Phoenix America’s rotary magnetic encoder kits employ proven Hall Effect principles in two-part, bearing-less and non-contacting designs comprising a multipole magnet ring moulded from bonded magnet compounds enclosed by a thermoplastic housing containing the sensing devices and signal conditioning electronics. These modular components employ disc or rectangular shaped sensor housings that interact with the separate ‘target rotor’ where its varying number of radially magnetised poles determines the quadrature square wave output, providing resolutions from 4 to 10,000 counts per revolution as the target magnet rotates.

The classic installation configuration involves the target rotor magnet being attached to a motor shaft or other rotating element whilst the signal conditioning module is held fixed by its attachment to the motor housing. Pulses are delivered as single-ended (Channel A and B) or differential pulses A+, A-, B+ and B-), and thus when read into servo or other control/measurement systems correspond to bi-directional position, speed and acceleration.

This robust design principle – non-contacting, without bearings and consisting of two encapsulated and fully sealed components – provides an exceptionally high degree of durability and a practically unlimited working life. Furthermore the technology competes very favourably on price with optical encoders where it also offers substantial benefits in terms of reliability and durability, especially where harsh environments prevail.


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