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Roll feed and winding web length measurement made easy

Roll feed and winding web length measurement made easy

Extensively proven over several years for precise measurement of web length, position and speed in numerous roll winding and web-based machinery applications, Wachendorff’s LMS range of length measurement systems includes a novel spring-loaded arm design that facilitates straightforward mounting, fast pressure adjustment, and suitability for use with any surface material. Available with comprehensive support from Variohm EuroSensor, Wachendorff’s exclusive UK distributor, the LMSMA series is based on the German manufacturer’s rugged industrial incremental or absolute rotary encoders for a linear positioning resolution from 1 millimetre to 8 microns per pulse.

Available in four standard design options, each offered with a choice of four incremental encoder resolutions to suit the linear positioning requirements, the LMSMA features a choice of 200 mm or 500 mm length measuring wheels. The encoder/wheel assembly is mounted on the special spring-loaded arm and may be mounted on the customer’s machine using its integral base-plate or alternatively mounted via a pre-assembled anodised aluminium angle-bracket – both options are designed for use with commonly available profile rail systems.

These four standard offerings use Wachendorff’s WDGI 58B series encoders with HTL/TTL output for A, B and N channels. As well as measured length, web speed and position can of course be derived from the encoder pulses. This robust and durable encoder is designed for use in harsh industrial environments and features an IP67 protected aluminium housing with stainless steel shaft and fittings. The complete assembly is equally robust and a choice or three measuring wheels are available to suit various web materials including paper, foil, metals and textiles.

The WDGI incremental encoder may be substituted with its absolute counterpart, the WDGA series, with EnDra (multiturn) and QuattroMag (singleturn) magnetic technology for more exacting accuracy and with a choice of communication profiles including CANopen CiA 301, PROFINET, EtherCAT and more.

For minimal material changeover times, fast pressure adjustment and much reduced machine downtimes, the unique design of the spring-loaded arm includes a novel preloading mechanism that does not require the wheel measurement assembly to be dismounted from the machine. A single captive-screw allows the wheel to be rotated towards the roller and, with interlocking teeth on its base-plate, fixed firmly in position in incremental steps of 5 Nm to ensure optimal adjustment. Furthermore, for setup, maintenance and adjustment of other areas on the machine, the complete wheel assembly does not need to be removed but can be easily swung from its fixed position to a resting position by adjusting a single locking pin. After adjustment the locking pin can be re-set and measuring wheel is once again at its pre-set optimum force setting.

The application possibilities for the LMSMA series length measurement systems extend to the production, processing or printing of plastic and metal foils, carpets, vinyl flooring, textiles, paper and board as well as conveying lines for materials such as wood and other machinery for elevated length products.

As a Wachendorff distribution partner, and with partnerships with many other leading sensor suppliers as well as its own design and assembly expertise, Variohm provides comprehensive sales and application support across a wide range of position, force, pressure, load, and temperature sensor technologies for demanding measurement application solutions in industry, construction, agriculture, motorsports, research and more.


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