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Safe industrial processes with MB Cap Ultra

Safe industrial processes with MB Cap Ultra
Voltage drops in industrial environments occur with greater frequency since power distribution systems are becoming more complex. If production processes are interrupted by voltage fluctuations or installations have to be reconfigured this will cost a lot of time and money. Data loss or defects may also occur. 

Therefore protection has become very important. The Murrelektronik modules of the MB Cap Ultra series are buffer modules that ensure a stable power supply, thus guaranteeing secure industrial processes. They store energy and bridge voltage fluctuations from up to 38 seconds (at 10 A load) or for up to 6 minutes (at 1 A).

MB Cap Ultra can be integrated into new and into already existing power supply systems. The modules can communicate with the control or with a PLC/PC connected to the system via signal contacts or a USB interface (the MB Cap Ultra 10/24 38s). This allows a controlled reaction to changes in the operating mode: For example by a safe shutdown of a machine or an installation. Murrelektronik provides the appropriate configuration software.

Three modules are available to realize flexible solutions:  The MB Cap Ultra 10/24 38s and the MB Cap Ultra 10/24 7s together with a compatible add-on module. The buffer time can be increased by connecting several extension modules or by selective protection of the most critical loads. Compared to conventional uninterruptible power systems (UPS) the buffer modules MB Cap Ultra are equipped with integrated ultra capacitors instead of using lead batteries.  This makes them maintenance-free. As MB Cap Ultra modules do not require changing batteries they provide an economic benefit.
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