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Save assembly time and costs

Save assembly time and costs
So, your new robot has been delivered, and is standing proudly in position. All you have to do now is dress it with the appropriate control and data cables, sort out how you're going manage those cables, and plan how you're going to mount the likes of junction boxes, valve blocks, control cabinets, etc. Hmmm. Actually, that's starting to sound like a bit of big job.

The experts at Igus reckon that, if you're trying to dress your robot with conventional products, conventionally sourced, then you could still be six hours or more from having a working robot. And even then there could be a question over whether the way you've dressed it will ultimately prove the limiting factor in its performance. Twisting cables could quickly fail, carriers quickly break, and the ultimate speed the robot can achieve be seriously compromised. Surely there must be a better way.

Happily, there is. Igus has long had an excellent range of cables, cable carriers, protectors, quick change kits and sixth axis attachments all specifically designed for robot applications. Now it has combined these with ready-formed mounting brackets and attachments to deliver a comprehensive, ready-to-fit package that can slash your installation time, while enabling a performance boost in terms of increased travel speeds, reduced operating noise and increased lifespan. And this is backed up by a full suite of 3D CAD models for all components, allowing designers to address any space requirements or other installation issues at the very earliest stages.

Core to the Igus offering is the Triflex R Energy Chain, a cable carrier built around a ball and socket design to meet the needs of heavy duty applications on multi-axis industrial robots. Standard plastic corrugated tubes can quickly bend or tear in robot applications because they cannot absorb torsional movements very well. But Triflex R provides complete freedom of movement in the X, Y and Z axis. To this, Igus has added a new universal module called Triflex RS, which guides the energy chain close to the robot arm and eliminates the possibility of any looping. The module can be mounted to the standard fastening points on virtually any robot.

The moving end of energy chain is attached to the sixth axis with a mounting bracket. This system allows general movements, so no specific programming is required. Thanks to its compact design, the system can even be used if there is a valve cluster or distributor box on the third axis. Supporting these cable carrying innovations is a suite of quick exchange kits, protectors with quick lock functionality, sixth axis mounting brackets, and of course all the required cables, including fibre optic cables specifically designed for robot applications. And Igus can supply all of this ready made up, complete with cables: all you have to do is tighten a couple of bolts, connect the cables into your junction boxes, and you're ready to go. The system can even provide mounting points for junction boxes, valve blocks, control cabinets, etc. Igus also offers protective jackets to protect the energy chain from liquid metal splashes, paint and dirt.
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