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Save energy with new eco function on inverters

Save energy with new eco function on inverters
The VFC eco energy saving function is now available for the panel-mounted drives of Lenze's Inverter Drives 8400 platform. Previously VFC eco featured in the 8400 motec decentralised inverters. The function cuts energy requirements significantly, especially in partial load operation. Combined with the new L-force MF three-phase AC motors, this Lenze BlueGreen Solution provides maximum energy efficiency.

"The VFC eco mode intelligently adjusts the motor's magnetising current to the actual load requirements," explains Karsten Piekarski, head of frequency inverters in Lenze's product management team. "This is particularly important in partial load operation, since three-phase AC motors often supply a higher magnetising current than the operating conditions actually require." 

According to Lenze calculations, the VFC eco mode reduces losses to such an extent that energy savings of up to 30% can be achieved. VFC eco is available as a cost-free standard option with the 8400 inverters series StateLine, HighLine and TopLine in a power range 0.25 to 45kW. Lenze's new L-force MF three-phase AC motors also enable improved energy efficiency. These motors are specially designed to operate with frequency inverters. Instead of working at 50 Hz, they operate at 120 Hz, the frequency at which four-pole three-phase AC motors offer the highest efficiency levels. 

Besides being more energy efficient, this delivers additional key benefits: given that the higher speed leads to greater power density, the same output can be achieved with motors of up to two frame sizes smaller. The size reduction increases performance with much less mass inertia and greater dynamics. In the 0.55 to 22kW power range, this Lenze BlueGreen Solution represents an all-round efficient drive solution.
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