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Schaeffler expands its range of innovations for all-electric and hybrid vehicles

Schaeffler expands its range of innovations for all-electric and hybrid vehicles Bearings and automotive component and systems supplier Schaeffler has extended its range of innovative solutions for all-electric and hybrid electric vehicles.

"The electrification of the drive train is making rapid progress. This means that engine start-stop systems, for example, are becoming standard, recovery of braking energy is gaining popularity on the roads, and the number of hybrid models is increasing," stated Prof. Peter Gutzmer, CTO at Schaeffler.

Schaeffler has developed a series of innovations that are contributing to the further development of engine start-stop systems. These include the optimisation of components in order to accommodate the significant increase in the number of start procedures, as well as solutions for start-stop systems such as non-contact sensors, optimised bearings, specially-coated components, electro-mechanical camshaft phasing units, latching valves, and components for belt-driven starter generators and permanently-engaged starters.
Electrification of the drive train not only compensates for the intrinsic weaknesses of the internal combustion engine but also opens up additional potential for improving vehicle efficiencies. As well as requirement-based electromechanical ancillary devices, vehicle efficiencies can be improved by introducing high performance start-stop systems. Systems are now being developed that are enabling the transition to hybrid driving.

48V systems

As the market for hybrid vehicles continues to grow, a new field is also emerging beneath this: 48-volt solutions. Vehicles with this second low-voltage on-board electrical system can already offer several driving characteristics that were previously only possible with hybrid vehicles. These include moving off using only electric power, "boosting" during driving operation, and "crawling" in stop-and-go traffic, as well as energy recovery during deceleration. Compared to conventional 12-volt on-board electric systems, 48-volt products also offer a respectable output of up to 12 kW. In addition to high-performance actuators for self-levelling suspension and roll stabilisation in chassis applications, Schaeffler's portfolio also includes hybrid modules and multi-gear drive elements.

Solutions for hybrid vehicles

Schaeffler also offers innovative solutions for fully hybrid vehicles. These range from hydraulic clutches and corresponding actuators to hybrid modules and modular electric axles. This family of disc-shaped, compact hybrid modules is designed for use in vehicles of various performance classes. Depending on the vehicle's performance and torque class, these hybrid modules are installed between the engine and transmission and are customised in terms of their size and configuration. The range encompasses hybrid modules for passenger vehicles up to 280Nm to models with more than 780Nm. As well as reducing fuel consumption and emissions, these innovations also contribute to the increased safety and driving pleasure of hybrid vehicles.
With the electric axle, Schaeffler offers another very interesting family of products for advanced and high-performance hybrid vehicles. The drive element also has a modular design and so can be adapted to suit the customer's specific requirements. Schaeffler's electric axle, for example, is ideal for all-wheel drive hybrid vehicles. This range covers electric drives, transmissions and differentials, which can be connected to Schaeffler's eDifferential, a multi-gear electric drive axle with two electric motors. The higher-performance electric motor supplies the drive power and energy recovery, while its lower-performance counterpart - which is mounted on the other side of the drive module - enables the selective distribution of torque to the wheels ('torque vectoring'), which improves driving dynamics and safety.

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