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Screwless connectors offer cost saving benefits to manufacturers and maintainers

Screwless connectors offer cost saving benefits to manufacturers and maintainers

Available from specialist distributor Switchtec, plug-in connectors by Euroclamp are screwless for speed of installation and are smaller size to enable more connections per unit length of PCB.  So they save on production and materials costs.

Euroclamp's new screwless plug-in connectors use a spring clamp to grip the wire unlike traditional screw terminal connector blocks that rely on the tightening of a screw to grip the wire conductor. The screw terminal block has been the main type of terminal blocks for many years but there are drawbacks associated with screw technology. The tightness of the screw that clamps the wire is 'uncalibrated', it depends entirely upon the installer, and if not tightened enough could result in loose wires.  

Conversely if it is overtightened, it can result in weakened conductors that are liable to sever when subjected to further movement or vibration.  The screwless terminal provides a secure and uniform connection for each terminal.  Screwless terminals are also quicker to use as no tightening of screws is required.  

In use, the small, orange coloured push button of the screwless connector is depressed using a screwdriver, the bare wire conductor is inserted into its entry port, the orange button is then released and a 'calibrated', measured grip force on the wire is applied, there being one orange pushbutton per conductor.

Screwless terminals can take up less space on the PCB, enabling smaller PC boards and more compact host units. They are also ideal for applications where vibration may be present. Screw technology can be susceptible to vibration that can result in the loosening of connections, or as mentioned, complete loss of connection.

This latest range of screwless plug-in connectors compliments and adds to Euroclamp's existing screwless terminal blocks.  To suit different applications, there are two versions of the screwless plug-in connector, a standard in line version and an alternative offset version. The difference being the location of the cable entry on the connector; in line or offset.

The screwless plug-in rage is available from 2 to 24 way in 3.5, 3.81, 5.0 and 5.08mm pitches and in ratings up to 10A, 300VAC.  Offering versatility, the mating PCB headers are available in vertical, horizontal and angled types with open or closed ends.

As is usual with Euroclamp Products, the screwless plug-in connectors can be customised to suit customer's requirements.  The standard colour is green, but blue, red, orange, grey, black and many other colours are available, and in small or large quantities to suit customers' requirements. Other options include a screw flange version, and for ease of recognition and maintenance, laser marking or pad printing. Also available is a special glow wire test compliant version for use in domestic applications.

The versatile, time saving and reliable screwless plug-in terminals will find favour with PCB builders and populators, PCB suppliers, distributors, OEMs, CEMs and sub-contractors.

Dedicated to keeping ahead in terms of technology and productivity, and as a measure of its commitment to the product, Euroclamp has built a new factory at its headquarters near Isernia, Italy specifically for the production of the screwless terminal block range.  Euroclamp used its considerable existing, in-house knowledge in the development and production of the screwless terminal block range.

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