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Sensor film reveals relative temperature in 0.1 seconds

Sensor film reveals relative temperature in 0.1 seconds
Sensor Products Inc says that as thermal management becomes increasingly critical for many applications, there is a growing need for Thermex surface temperature distribution film. Virtually any application involving the testing and monitoring of heated contacting surfaces is a candidate, including interfaces not easily accessed with traditional temperature indicators and infrared thermometers. 

Thermex is a quick and uncomplicated tool that reveals relative temperature measurement in 0.1 seconds or less in the range of 93-149°C. Upon exposure to heat and contact, Thermex permanently reveals relative temperature distribution between two surfaces. The intensity of this colour change directly relates to the temperature, enabling Thermex to reveal spot high or low temperatures and minute surface temperature variations.  

After testing Thermex may be saved for archival purposes, but its low cost renders it inherently disposable. The product is available in sheets or rolls that can be easily trimmed to size. Thermex is a stand-alone product that may be combined for post processing analysis with Topaq a scanner/software system for temperature variations that need to be pinpointed with great precision. Sensor Products offers imaging services or the system can be leased or bought.
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