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Servo couplings for high torque applications

Servo couplings for high torque applications

KTR has developed a steel lamina coupling for servo drives in the higher power range. The backlash-free and torsionally rigid RADEX-NC High Torque (pictured below) covers speeds up to 27,500rpm while transmitting torques up to 2,000Nm. Main application ranges are machine tools as well as measuring and test bench technology.

Compared to the standard series of the same name, the connections between laminas and hubs have been made non-positively and with positive locking with the new RADEX-NC High Torque which allows for the use in servo drives in the higher power range. Its torsionally rigid and flexible laminas are made of stainless steel while the hubs are made of high-strength aluminium. The coupling is light-weight, with compact dimensions and has a low mass moment of inertia. It is available as a single-cardanic and double-cardanic type.

KTR provides two backlash-free versions for the shaft-hub-connection: on the one hand is a version with a clamping ring hub for the non-positive connection. This hub has a torsionally symmetric structure and is suitable for high torques. It is mounted as a block which facilitates the installation of the coupling. On the other hand there is a version with a clamping hub, optionally available with a positive- locking or non-positive connection.

The new RADEX-NC High Torque is available in seven sizes covering torques from 35 to 2,000Nm and speeds from 6,500 to 27,500rpm. As an example, the average size 36 has an outside diameter of 84mm transmitting torques up to 340Nm with a maximum speed of 14,000rpm. The servo coupling is maintenance-free and can be used with temperatures up to 200íC and under aggressive ambient temperatures. Application ranges are machine tools as well as measuring and test bench technology, but also automation technology and servo gears.

Also new from KTR is a new shaft coupling for drives with severely high speeds. The backlash-free and flexible ROTEX GS HP (pictured above) achieves peripheral speeds up to 175m/sec and is available in three sizes. The main fields of application are machine tools as well as measurement and test bench technology.

The ROTEX GS HP has a circular and closed design. In this way the radial deformation of the hub geometry is reduced. In addition KTR dispenses with the need for a spider with this coupling generation. Individual elastomers are embedded between the cams instead. They are kept in their position and shape by the closed design of the coupling, even with peripheral speeds up to 175 metres per second.

The large number of elastomer segments transmitting the torque reduces the surface pressure on every single elastomer. This allows for transmitting high torques with a small outside diameter of the coupling. As an example, size 38 has an outside diameter of 80mm transmitting torques up to 400Nm with a speed of 40,000rpm.

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