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Setting new standards for ballscrews

Setting new standards for ballscrews August Steinmeyer introduced its new ballscrew design ETA+ at the Machine Building 2007 exhibition. The company says that the new ballscrew will improve the performance of machine tools, especially high-speed and high-accuracy tools. ETA+ comes very close to being the ideal linkage between motor and slide by providing an extremely stiff but highly efficient connection with no reversing error. Rigidity has been increased by 50 percent, compared to standard ballscrews, and friction reduced by 67 percent. Improved dynamics are only one of the results. No reversing error means that the ETA+ ballscrew has a perfectly linear behaviour regardless of speeds and direction of motion. As a result control errors will be reduced. This has been proven in ball-bar tests where the 'quadrant changing' error has been reduced to a fraction of the value achieved with conventional ballscrews.
August Steinmeyer

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