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Shield clamps for one-handed tool-free operation

Shield clamps for one-handed tool-free operation

The new SCC shield clamps from Phoenix Contact make one-handed, tool-free operation possible. The space-saving series features spring clamp technology that offers a mechanically large contact surface and a secure closure system for high-level shield attenuation. The contact spring provides reliable contact quality with long-term stability. In addition, it compensates for any conductor settling effects.

The shield clamp is opened and closed conveniently with the integrated clamping lever. Conductors can be inserted into the terminal without force and automatically centred due to the shape of the contact spring. Actuating the clamping lever causes the contact spring to effortlessly clamp the conductor in place. Handling is safe and error-free, because the contact spring is not pre-tensioned.

Shield clamps in the clamping range of 5 mm to 20 mm can be used. Corrosion protection is assured even under harsh operating conditions. There are three mounting types available for time-saving and vibration-resistant mounting: Snapping into place on the neutral conductor busbar, direct mounting, and DIN rail mounting. Suitable marking materials are also available for clear marking.


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