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Smart motor reduces machine build costs

Smart motor reduces machine build costs The Lenze Smart Motor is  a new and unique drive for horizontal and vertical material handling.  It is a combination of a standard IEC frame AC motor with electronics that allows any speed to be set in a range from 500 to 2600 r/min.  Speed setting is by NFC (Near Field Communication) which is contactless and can be done even before the Smart Motor is powered for the first time.  This new drive has generated strong interest at recent exhibitions at Las Vegas, Nuremberg, Hannover and Birmingham.

In terms of purchase cost, the Lenze Smart Motor falls between that for a standard motor and one equipped with a variable speed inverter drive. The Smart Motor is designed to run at a fixed speed, but not necessarily at a single speed. Up to 5 speeds can be programmed and switching is by digital signal.  A closer comparison for cost would be with a 2-speed motor and here the Smart Motor scores, particularly with tis adjustable soft start and stop ramps, also motor thermal protection.

The ability to use 5 preset speeds makes applications such as reversing conveyors simple and easy.  A start signal triggers the soft start ramp up to the first set speed.  As the conveyor approaches the target position a proximity switch signal changes the speed to creep.  At the stop position a signal takes the speed down to the third setting, zero, through the soft stop ramp.  Two further speeds for reverse drive and reverse creep allow return to the original position.  No panel space is needed for reversing contactors or soft starters.

The Lenze Smart Motor is available with helical, shaft-mounted helical and bevel gearboxes for rated output torques from 4 to 650Nm.  Standard options include spring applied holding brakes, blowers and surface coatings for arduous environments.  To speed installation there is a further option of the Phoenix Contact ''QUICKON'' plug connector which cuts out the task of stripping the cable ends.
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