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Smoovy linear actuators are truly tiny

Smoovy linear actuators are truly tiny If you need linear actuation in miniature, then check out the Faulhaber Smoovy range, distributed in the UK by EMS. The Smoovy range comprises 3mm and 5mm diameter brushless DC motors for long life expectancy and planetary gearheads, which are equipped with a special threaded output shaft, and nut to convert the rotary motion into linear. Standard strokes of 7 and 12mm with forces up to 61.8N are available. Together with compatible drive electronics, this range is also available in conventional format without lead-screws, providing miniature rotary drives for the smallest of applications. Linear actuation is also an option with the alternative technology provided by Faulhaber Group company Arsape, which produces miniature stepper motors from 6mm diameter which can be equipped with threaded output shafts providing controllable, high precision linear motion.

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