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Speeding up the fastening process

Speeding up the fastening process
New from Spirol Industries is the PH Platen Heat Insert Driver, the PH Platen-Style model. This machine provides an accurate and consistent means of installing multiple inserts into a plastic moulded component. This is loaded into a fixture nest on a manual linear slide and the inserts are manually loaded into their corresponding bosses.

The slide is pushed into position and the machine is activated. The platen head advances, axially engaging as many as twelve heated tips into the inserts, and continues to advance until the inserts are hot melted to a preset depth. The platen then retracts, withdrawing the tips. The operator then pulls back the slide, uploads the completed assembly and repeats the process.

Easily interchangeable platens and elevation adjustments ensure easy changeover from part to part. Pneumatic flow controls adjust insertion and retract stroke speeds. The entire insertion platen head can be easily raised and lowered to accommodate various host shapes and sizes. The PH Platen machine will accommodate all heat style inserts in different sizes from and internal threads.

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