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Stainless steel drive products suit outdoor and hygienic tasks

Machinery such as that used to prepare meat and poultry, beverages, dairy, fruit, vegetables and tobacco usually consists of a mix of high aseptic and low aseptic modules.  In the high aseptic areas washdown with high pressure jets is needed. This in turn means surfaces that will not corrode and without dirt traps. Lenze now offers a solution for these applications in the form of both standard AC motors and servo motors in stainless steel.

The standard AC motors are available from 0.18 to 7.5kW and can be combined with worm gearboxes in stainless construction and IP66 enclosure. The synchronous servo motors can be combined with stainless steel planetary gearboxes for rated output torques up to 450Nm in IP67 enclosure. Also meeting the washdown requirement is a range of linear actuators for forces up to 4500N and strokes to 750mm. These have 12 to 42V DC actuation and enclosure up to IP68.

Food and beverage machinery usually has areas where the requirement is 'low aseptic'. Here the drive components need to resist moisture but not high pressure hosing. Lenze offers a wide range of products, for example industrial PCs with touch screen in an IP65 housing and IP65 enclosed inverter drives up to 7.5kW. Spring applied brakes for holding and emergency stop up to 235Nm are also IP65 enclosed, as are a range of LED signal towers. Flexible couplings, universal joints and locking bushes can be supplied in stainless steel.

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