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Storage and protection for a wide range of tools

Storage and protection for a wide range of tools Rose Plastic UK is introducing a revolutionary system for the cutting tool industry that will allow engineers and operators to keep their tools secure and protected when not in use. The new SystemBoard has been designed to appeal to cutting tool users from all walks of engineering, offering safe, tidy storage and transportation benefits. From production engineers to re-grinders and coating technicians, the SystemBoard's interchangeable inserts host a diverse range of applications and uses. The need for a secure unit to store and transport tools and parts has inspired the design and development of the SystemBoard and offers users a practical alternative to storage and transportation so often overlooked and which regularly sees tools and parts damaged or lost at the cost of the company. The SystemBoard is purchased as a standard base unit with numerous slots to accommodate the range of individual inserts. These inserts allow for the shaft of the tool or part to be slotted into the pre-cut holes and held securely in place without the danger of damage or loss. There are numerous inserts available for use with the SystemBoard in a variety of diameters ranging from 3mm to 40mm, ensuring the unit is suitable for a large range of parts and tools. All inserts are all colour coded.

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