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System for filling cardboard boxes

System for filling cardboard boxes

MK Profile Systems was faced with a request from a cosmetics company to design and provide a comprehensive modular system for loading product into boxes whilst still maintaining hygiene requirements. The design had to account for a box filling machine for different tube formats with a capacity of 200 tubes per minute and 4 boxes per minute.

Chaining of upstream filling stations and integration of the provided scale with NOK out sorting of tubes was also required. Counting of the specified tubes per box was to be implemented via light barriers.

MK’s solution was to provide a complete system with inner open profile grooves for maximum flexibility and outer closed grooves for a smooth, clean surface. Material handling of tubes and boxes was enabled with mk belt conveyors. Timing belt stations with timing belt conveyor, supported with pivot bearings for lowering for weighing. A funnel was included to accommodate a complete box fill quantity if there is a fault. In normal operation this would only be pneumatically closed for a box change.

The end result was an optimal solution for the customer, bespoke to their specific requirements.

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