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Tanged inserts

Tanged inserts Alongside tangless inserts, ASM Fasteners has added the full range of Tanged inserts and tooling into its portfolio. Lightweight materials are essential for aerospace and other high performance applications. A tapped thread in these materials can be stripped or damaged on a single use turning a potentially expensive component to scrap.  Drilling and tapping a screw thread insert thread allows a KATO CoilThread insert to be installed, which will create a permanent, wear-resistant thread that exceeds the strength of most parent materials.

The larger diameter of the tapped thread increases the strength of the parent material. A simple design table makes it easy to select the correct insert length for the application, ensuring that the bolt remains the weakest part of the design.

The stress distribution in a standard bolted joint is taken mostly in the first few threads. With a KATO CoilThread insert the stress is distributed more evenly along the length of the insert reducing the stress concentration on the first few threads.  This helps prevent stripping and fatigue failure.

There are many types of threaded insert. KATO CoilThread inserts allow the designer to minimise the size of their component for a constant wall thickness enabling the strongest and lightest joints in these lightweight materials.
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