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Tapes bring benefits to cabinet production

Tapes bring benefits to cabinet production The new patented technology in tesa's ACXplus adhesive tape is based on high capacity acrylates which have been specially developed for long term, constructive bonding on both indoor and outdoor applications. This offers many advantages over traditional methods including clear full-surface bonding, extreme load capacity, stress dissipation, corrosion prevention and resistance to both weather and temperature.

The key benefits in stress dissipation are unique to ACXplus through its own viscoelasticity. In combination, the tape's elastic and viscous properties enable the dissipation of extreme physical stress in compensating for different rates of thermal expansion and the contraction of different substrates. This is particularly beneficial as sheet metal cabinets for housing electrical and electronics systems tend to be fitted with dissimilar substrates, such as glass or acrylic. When two materials with different thermal elongations are bonded, tesa ACXplus delivers an optimal high strength bond even where extreme temperature conditions or uneven or irregular surfaces are encountered.

The key performance benefits in stress dissipation are available to this product up to three times its own thickness.  In other words, a 0.5mm tape can compensate for expansion in bonded materials up to 1.5mm. Coupled with its ability to compensate for different expansion rates, tesa ACXplus also fulfils requirements such as vibration and shock resistance and sealing against liquids. Because of its acrylic adhesive system, the tape offers optimal wetting and equal distribution of the stress areas of the bond, meaning no weak points are created and a powerful bond on materials with different surface characteristics is formed. At the same time, the elimination of drill holes and screws also means there is no risk of corrosion, better aesthetics are achieved and bonded panels are lighter and therefore easier to assemble, install and maintain.  

Powder coated materials, for example panel and cabinet bonding applications, tend to be heavy and display a lower surface energy which makes them hard-to-bond in preventing adhesive from wetting-out the surface. While low surface energy creates high degrees of thermal elongation, because of its unique formulation tesa ACXplus is able to provide an optimal high strength bond.

Quick and easy to apply, tesa ACXplus helps to speed up the fabrication and assembly process, enabling significant time savings in large batch production runs, all without the need for protective equipment or ventilation. The strong and immediate bond that is formed also means metal panels can be moved easily and safely during the various stages of production.
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